Kate Phoenix (Universum Valens Beta)

Actress (8 credits)

Lisa Star

  • Captain Lisa Star
Science Fiction Horror Space Opera about a young shape shifting woman traveling all of space and time, exploring the universe and killing monsters, inspired by:
    • Golden Age of Science Fiction Authors;
    • Bronze Age of American Comics;
    • Doctor Who;
    • Star Trek;
    • Alien;
    • The Terminator; and
    • Dracula
"To Boldly Slay Where No Woman Has Slain Before"


  • Doctor Victoria Imogen Pirelli
Medical Drama / Supernatural Horror about a young female doctor confronted by an evil supernatural virus created by the demonic Old Ones.
"Who Can You Call When The Dead Get Sick?"


  • Agent Megan Jennifer Farrell
Action Thriller about a group of female CIA soldiers led by the out-of-the-box-thinker Megan Jennifer Farrell, a.k.a. "Meg-Jen".
"Charming! Intelligent! Awesome!"

Saint Valentine Hospital

  • Nurse Grace April Meredith Watson
  • FBI Special Agent Mary Jane van Pelt
Hospital Drama / Erotic Thriller about a young nurse who discovers she has a double in the form of an FBI Special Agent.
"Doubly Dubious"


  • Goddess Gina Isabella Gold
  • Sarah Emily Cox
  • Eva Shir Cohen
Action Romantic Comedy Fantasy about a new generation of gods that has taken over Asgard.
"The Bad News: Your Prayers Have Been Answered..."

Obviously these eight women were fictional.
Elsewhere in other multiverses these eight ladies were very real, so much that they became ancestors of Kate Phoenix. They even had a little fun doing Cospplay and were rewarded with a ship, the NIS Phoenix.