Kate Phoenix

Actress (8 credits)

Lisa Star

  • Captain Lisa Star
Science Fiction Horror Space Opera about a young shape shifting woman with super powers traveling all of space and time, exploring the universe and killing monsters, inspired by 'Astounding Science-Fiction.', 'The Magazine for Fantasy & Science Fiction', Doctor Who, Star Trek, Alien, X-Men, Dracula and a conversation with Joss Whedon.
"To Boldly Slay Where No Woman Has Slain Before"


  • Doctor Victoria Imogen Pirelli
Medical Drama / Supernatural Horror about a young female doctor confronted by an evil supernatural virus created by the demonic Old Ones.
"Who Can You Call When The Dead Get Sick?"


  • Agent Megan Jennifer 'Cat' Farrell
Action Thriller about a group of female CIA soldiers led by the out-of-the-box-thinker Megan Jennifer Farrell, a.k.a. "Meg-Jen".
"Charming! Intelligent! Awesome!"

Saint Valentine Hospital

  • Nurse Grace April Meredith Watson
  • FBI Special Agent Mary Jane van Pelt
Hospital Drama / Mystery Thriller about a young nurse who discovers she has a double in the form of an FBI Special Agent.
"Doubly Dubious"


  • Goddess Gina Isabella Gold
  • Sarah Emily Cox
  • Eva Shir Cohen
Action Comedy Fantasy about a new generation of gods that has taken over Asgard.
"The Bad News: Your Prayers Have Been Answered..."

Obviously these eight women were fictional.
Elsewhere in other multiverses these eight ladies were very real.